Pubic Hair: Are You Shaving Away Your “Sexy?”

“To shave or not to shave,” a common question between women and men.

But, have you ever asked yourself what’s the purpose of  pubic hair? According to a site dedicated to  “…advance woman’s knowledge of her innate sexuality,” you could be shaving/waxing away your “sexy” by removing your pubic hair. So let look at the pro’s and con’s of the hair down there!

According to, one of the advantages of keeping  pubic hair is it traps and hold pheromones (your “sexy”), which are odorless chemicals the body creates. The nose can smell pheromones without one consciously knowing, which can increase sexual attraction from a partner. During sex a woman can especially take advantage of hair down stairs. Apparently a hairy vagina can enhance feelings on the clitoris during oral sex. Pubic hair also provides warmth to the genitals, and keeps foreign particles from entering the vagina. (For more information on the female body check out

Various terms for shaving/waxing choices for women.

Still undecided? Lets take a look at the pro’s and con’s of giving that love jungle a nice bald fade. Well one advantage of shaving/waxing is it eliminates smells caused by vaginal secretions, urine, and tissue that can become trapped within the pubic hair.   A lot of people have also reported that they like the feeling of being bare down there. The con’s for getting rid of your love bush are the increased risk of heat rash or chaffing. Pubic hair acts as a barrier to prevent irritation to the skin during sex. Giving the kitty a bald fade can also cause in-grown hairs and shaving rashes, and most shavers experience itching when the hair starts to grow back.

A clip from the music video “Map of Tasmania”

Punk Rocker Amanda Palmer and The Young Punx created a racy and controversial song called  “Map of Tasmania,” a  record that provides female empowerment to keep their vagina’s hairy and even puts down women who do shave. Here are a few of the raunchy lyrics “…Soft and sweet and shape like a triangle/Some girls want no shape and they shave it all/I think sad it hurts with the stubble/Walk in them look like an eight year old!/I say grow that shit like a jungle give ‘em something strong to hold onto/Let it  fly in the open wind/If it get too bushy you can trim…”  In the video they give up-close views of a variety of decorated vagina’s from one’s with hair rollers to one’s designed to resemble a bird’s nest  (To watch the music video click here )

I’m sure shaving and waxing may increase or decrease some of the problems mentioned above, but it’s up to you to decide what will be best for you. My opinion? Pubic hair separates the women from the girls and signifies  that you have reached puberty! I ‘m joking, but just as you maintain the hair on your head that everyone can see, you should also groom the hair that everybody can’t see. Now it’s your turn YOU BE THE JUDGE: Should a woman keep the hair on her vagina or shave it all off?
Written By: Alisha Bridges
Editor: Taylor Bryant

5 responses to “Pubic Hair: Are You Shaving Away Your “Sexy?”

  1. Women should do what they want but stop spreading the misconception that shaving gets rid of odor it doesn’t. Washing and keeping that area clean does. If you don’t wash down there properly hair or no hair it’s going to smell lol common sense

    • A women will smell if she has BV, yeast infection, or STD… But if she has a lot of hair down there without the problems mentioned urine, daily vaginal secretions, as well as blood and tissue from her period can remain in the hair after she uses the restroom and cause an odor… Also sweat and bacteria can cause a smell down there…

  2. Wow! Very raunchy topic lol. I personally feel a woman should groom her pubic hairs. It indicates good personal hygeine. From a more sexual perspective, for those women who are frequent receivers of oral sex, it is definitely important to shave, wax, etc. Not too many men are keen on the idea of giving a woman oral pleasure with a sagebrush down there. Again, this a personal outlook on the issue…It really depends on whatever empowers the woman!

    • I agree that not too many men like the bushy look when giving oral. For that matter, some women dont like men to be sasquatch-esque down there either. i prefer that a guy trims in my opinion :)

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